The team´s last line of defense requires the best tools for the job. With the Nike Vapor Grip 3 goalkeeper gloves, you will have all the grip, comfort, and ball control you need to keep your goal counter at zero.

Thanks to its revolutionary design, these new Vapor gloves are stronger and more comfortable than ever. The Contact+ foam located in their palm – measuring 4 mm thickness - absorbs shot impact and allows you to perform cleaner, seemingly effortless catches. Besides, the Grip3 latex pattern wraps around your fore and pinky fingers to considerably improve ball control and offer comfortable handling during passes and serves.

For added comfort and safety, the Vapor Grip 3 includes a Velcro-adjustable rubber wristband that helps to keep glove stability at all times. Both the base of the hand and the thumb are made of a very lightweight, breathable mesh to allow greater airflow through the glove.

The Nike Vapor Grip3 Goalkeeper football gloves include an adjustable fit and premium padding to absorb impacts.